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Foreign companies trying to reach the European market face a major hurdle - they don't have local knowledge. The Internet may have made it easy to trade internationally - but before you can trade you need to reach your target audience and make them aware of the products and services you offer.

This involves knowing the individual quirks and customs of the countries you're planning to market to - a catch 22 situation for foreign companies without a European arm. Not any longer...

How many are there?
To give you a more general idea of how many business addresses are available for some European countries we provided this table (Numbers are in millions):

Austrien Mailing Lists Austria: + 0.3
Belgiun Mailing Lists Belgium: + 1.4
Danish Mailing Lists Denmark: + 0.7
Maling Lists from Finland Finland: + 0.2
French Mailing Lists France: + 4.7
German Mailing Lists Germany: + 5.0
Mailing Lists from Greek Greece: + 0.1
Italien Mailing Lists Italy: + 3.0
Dutch Mailing Lists Netherlands: + 1.4
Mailing Lists from Norway Norway: + 0.4
Mailing Lists form Portugal Portugal:: + 0.6
Spanish Mailing Lists Spain: + 1.5
Mailing Lists from Sweden Sweden: + 0.8
Swiss Mailing Lists Switzerland: + 0.3
Mailing Lists form UK United Kingdom: + 3.0

and all other European countries.
For consumer mailing lists you may roughly multiply this table by 20. But to make sure ask for an individual quotation free of charge.

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CEBUS provides premium mailing lists that makes it easy to break into Europe. Besides mailing lists you can ask for language translation, printing, direct mail shots, email broadcasts and shipping. Each campaign is geared to fit the language and customs of the particular country you're targeting - which means you can feel confident European audiences will see your sales message as credible.

You can rent or buy consumer and business addresses or mailing lists, B2C or B2B for any target group you can imagine.

CEBUS was founded in 1982. Remember:

Localized knowledge

Remember, localized knowledge is essential when marketing your company in a new country. It helps break the ice and shows that your company is sensitive to the language and customs of that country - which is not only good public relations, but means local people will have confidence in your brand and will be much more likely to buy your products or services.

You get...

Rental or buy of consumer and business mailing lists (complete with contact names) for any target group you can imagine.

Letter shop services - printing, dispatch, posting and dealing with returns.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Our contact details are right here.

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